AllerDx, ColdDx & Digestiv

AllerDx is a clinically researched herbal formula shown to relieve histamine-related conditions within 10-20 minutes. AllerDx is non-drowsy and stimulant free.

ColdDx is an herbal combination that provides significant relief from upper respiratory immune conditions. ColdDx is non-drowsy and has shown to have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.

Digestiv is a food- and enzyme-based concentrate that relieves gas and bloating and improves digestion. Digestiv strengthens digestive organs to help normalize the transit time and processing of nutrients, creating a healthier environment for the organisms of the microbiome in your Gl tract.

Suggested retail: 12-capsule packets – $4.99 | 60-capsule bottles – $21.95

Plantiva and its origin companies have pioneered merging Traditional and Western healing traditions since 1986. Plantiva products are all natural plant-based formulas.

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