PepPod the Refreshing Energy Tablet

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PepPod is a Colorado based company that is committed to providing people at home, work, and play the healthy energy they need do what they love … just add water! From weekend warriors to professional athletes, business professionals to moms on the go, PepPod is designed for daily use to help people do what they love, no matter what that might be.

What is Pep Pod?

– Single-serve, effervescent tablet sold in a convenient, portable packet.
– Our ideal combination of vitamins, over 75 plant-derived trace minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants, ginseng, and caffeine* provides healthy energy.
* less than a small cup of coffee.
– Refreshing, citrus-vanilla flavor.
– Perfectly sized tablet drops easily into any water bottle or glass and dissolves completely.
– GMO-free, low-calorie, vegetarian, sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and diabetic-friendly.

Why choose PepPod?

– Our healthy ingredients were chosen to refresh and sustain your body’s natural energy levels whenever you need it.
– PepPod accelerates hydration and delivers nutrients that absorb quickly in the body.
– Unbeatable consumer price point.
– 30 Pod box doubles as point-of purchase display that fits perfectly on any counter or shelf.

PepPod has been officially endorsed by Brant Moles, professional big-mountain skier, and Richard McAfee, Hall of Fame member and National Table Tennis Coach. PepPod is the official energy tablet of USA Table Tennis.

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For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Nina Sharma
PepPod LLC
3970 Broadway Street, Suite 201A
Boulder, Co 80304
Phone: 646-706-1224