Cult Miracle skin & lip balm Papaya Gold PAW-PAW

Product Name:  Cult Miracle skin & lip balm Papaya Gold PAW-PAW

Description:  PAW-PAW is an all-natural moisturizing balm that restores and strengthens your skin’s natural dewiness and glowing look. Our unique formulation harnesses the intense moisturizing power of papaya with free radical-busting antioxidants to give your chapped, dry skin and lips a truly quenching experience without any messy grease or build-up.

Papaya delivers a refreshing burst of moisture while reducing inflammation

Bioactive Manuka Honey soothes and heals with natural antibacterial properties and tea tree oils

A rich source of antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E and skin-perfecting flavonoids and minerals like potassium and copper

Paraben-, sulphate-, and fragrance-free formulation is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

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