Outback Lip Balm

Outback Lip Balm combines the benefits of hydrating beeswax and the healing properties of rejuvenating tea tree oil from the Australian Outback, with a peppermint tingle added to give you a truly refreshing feel. Outback Lip Balm combines 2 different Tea Tree Oils (Melaleuca plus Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil) to give you maximum protection with a fresh lemon zip. Even though most won’t be venturing into the harsh Australian Outback you can rest assured that Outback Protective Lip Balm is up to the challenge of whatever environment you may encounter. Tastes great. Medicated Tea Tree Oil is excellent for dry and cracked lips. SPF15+

Convenient counter display of 36 units with small footprint area. Excellent markup on small real estate, with high consumer approval rating.

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Mark Linford
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