Torta Elena is one of the best cakes I have ever eaten, and believe me, I have eaten many. My husband and I have had it with our morning coffee and served it as dessert with vanilla ice cream on top. The torta is so moist and so delicious without being overly sweet. A most unusual and fabulous choice for almost any occasion.

Diane M., Topsham ME

I wanted to tell you how happy I was to discover the Torta Elena by Optimum Delights. When I received my first cake the presentation was SO beautiful that I didn’t want to unwrap it. I served it for dessert after one of my dinner parties and most of my guests said they were too full to have dessert. I insisted that they at least try a little sliver because it ws so good and they all asked for a 2nd piece! Then I caught my husband sneaking a 3rd piece when he thought I wasn’t looking!! I had a small piece left over, which I froze, and when I defrosted it after 2 weeks it was just as good as when it was fresh. I have told so many people about this delicious cake that I think you will always have to keep your oven on and keep baking!!!

Susan C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

It tastes fantastic and it’s beautiful looking, too. We love Torta Elena. We thought it got even better after a day or two…not that it was easy letting it last that long!

Greta L., Westfield NJ

It’s been such a treat to receive a Torta Elena at Christmas time! I served it with morning coffee and as dessert with dinner with a little whipped cream. So delicious! I saved some in the freezer for later and found that it was great heated up, too.

Toni P., Roswell GA

Torta Elena by Optimum Delights

Wholesale Single-Serve Torta Elena Cake

Now available for wholesale distribution, Torta Elana, in single-serve packaging.

Delicious for breakfast, coffee time, dessert—or as a little nibble with wine or champagne—Torta Elena makes the moment a celebration. Each cake is individually made with love and baked from scratch with the freshest, finest all-natural ingredients.

No preservatives, no milk, no eggs, 0 trans fats. And we’re Kosher!

More than a business, it’s our passion—and a commitment to deliver the highest homemade quality cake of its kind, working along with our certified baking facilities, while donating a portion of our proceeds to Woman in Distress of Broward County. Thank you for visiting our web site!

About Torta Elena

Torta Elena was born about 35 years ago. I’d developed this cake recipe that everyone loved, and baked it a few times a year for family and friends. My kids enjoyed it during their childhood and teenage years—and after they’d gone away to college, they looked forward to this treat which was always waiting to welcome them home.

That is, until the time they came home and I didn’t have all the ingredients…so off they went to the huge warehouse grocery supermarket with the recipe in hand…only to return hours later, frustrated and sad. Somehow, somewhere the recipe had been lost. I reassured them that surely we knew the recipe by heart, and so we began mixing and measuring. But the cake just wasn’t the same.

I wondered why I hadn’t made copies of the recipe. The old yellowed piece of paper on which it had been typed was more than thirty years old and had been smeared with cake batter and scribbled on by my son when he was just learning to write. I’d made so many changes to the measurements that no one but me could really read it anymore. Certainly if anyone found it, it didn’t look like anything more than a bit of trash. After several failed attempts at putting the cake together, we went back to the store and told the manager our story. And yes, someone had found our piece of old paper and turned it in. We couldn’t believe it. I took it home and framed it in gold! And so the tradition continues… and we decided as you may be thinking, “It was meant to be.”

Now I am delighted to invite you to share our tradition and make it your own.

Torta Elena is Delicious for Breakfast, Coffee Time and Dessert:

– With coffee or tea
– Warmed with ice cream
– Creme Fraiche
– Garnished with Berries, Peaches, Kiwis…
– With Champagne, Wine or Liquor


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