“Off The Hook” Easy Bait Hooks are designed to not only make it easier to bait live worms on our hooks, but also to keep the bait alive longer thus saving the fisherman both time and money allowing them to enjoy their fishing experience that much more!

We offer our hooks in a range of specifically designed colors to meet the needs of just about any condition possible. We have Bright Yellow, Bright Orange and Bright Green for murky water conditions which not only helps the fish spot the bait in low visibility conditions, but these brightly colored hooks also catch the eye of the fish to help bring it in closer to investigate their potential meal. We also offer a clear hook which is almost invisible and makes it look like the worm is just dancing in the water. We have a Royal Blue hook designed for the bluest of waters and of course a Blood Red hook which helps give the impression of bleeding bait or wounded prey.

“Off The Hook” Easy Bait Hooks are very simple to use, just wrap the worm around the coils, snap the swing arm closed (pierce the end of the worm to the hook for “weedless” fishing) and let the hook do the rest. Simply put, just “Wrap It, Snap It, Cast It & Catch It!”

“Off the Hook” Easy Bait Hooks are made in the USA from high tensile strength Polycarbonate materials which will never rust or cause tetanus. They are perfect for Pan Fish up to 4.5#’s. Easy Bait Hooks work with just about any type of long skinny worm including large night crawlers. The locking swing arm prevents the worm from unraveling itself and the coils act as a protective cage that prevents smaller pesky fish from completely stealing the bait.

So, whether you are young or old, a novice or a pro, “Off The Hook” Easy Bait Hooks put the fun in fishing!

Give’m a try and you’ll be hooked

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