NW Elixirs Culinary Sauces

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    NW Elixirs culinary sauces are truly unique. They are a hot sauce, cooking sauce, marinade, and finishing sauce. They are an ingredient you’ll use for every meal. Unlike other brands, we don’t use refined sugars, gums, or gluten allowing our sauce’s robust flavors to develop while cooking without burning out the flavor.

    Rojo Hott:
    Product Details
    Our Rojo Hott is inspired by classic mole sauce, with deep roots in South America cuisine. It is the ideal complement for enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, tacos, and any authentic South American cuisine. Enjoy the deep earthy tones and floral highlights.

    Bangkok Hott:
    Product Details
    Our Thai inspired sauce is the perfect complement for all kinds of Asian cuisines. It is great for stir-fry and other high heat cooking, grilled fish and vegetables. Use as a zesty dipping sauce for spring rolls, tofu and greens, or as a savory marinade for seafood, fish, chicken, and pork.

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