Watch What Retailers Are Saying About NICMAXX

NICMAXX e-Vapor Products are the result of years of development in creating a product that is preferred by the consumer markets most loyal client-the FULL FLAVORED SMOKER. Where the vast majority of electronic cigarettes and electronic vapor products are all very similar in their muted taste and lower nicotine delivery, NICMAXX chose to be vastly different and create a vaping experience that Marlboro and Camel smokers prefer and prefer 9 out of 10 times in national blind taste tests.

NICMAXX Brands are designed to be a product that Marlboro and Camel smokers easily transition to from their beloved tobacco cigarettes. We focused on closely replicating the flavor and nicotine delivery profiles of these brands which represent approximately half the $88 Billion domestic tobacco market. Due to this focus, we have a very loyal client following that leads to NICMAXX Retailers nationally generating thousands of dollars a month in NICMAXX Sales-consistently and for years. The promise of the electronic cigarette replacing the tobacco cigarette is now being delivered by NICMAXX.

When asked, e-Cig/e-Vapor retailers will cite very poor product pull through from a vast majority of e-Vapor lines they carry. The reason for this? Poor product quality of taste, product design, nicotine satisfaction and a huge factor is a lack of an immediate battery replacement warranty. Those consumers that use NICMAXX tend to use our products daily-and all day. When the occasional battery does fail, we provide to your retailers NICMAXX replacement batteries to immediately give to a NICMAXX client. We also fully warranty all of our products to assure your retailer’s clients always have trust in our brand-and your reputation.

NICMAXX is a privately owned firm that in 2007 was one of the three founding companies of the e-Vapor industry. We are not owned by any big tobacco company. We are a privately held firm that offers to your retailers margins that are 3 to 4 times what the brands offer that are indeed owned and offered by big tobacco firms.

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Gino Ferrare

NICMAXX Corporate Headquarters: 2575 McCabe Way, Irvine Ca. 92614

Telephone:  949-250-9600


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