Leosons Corporation Products

Leosons Corporation

Leosons products include N’ICE® sugar free Cough Lozenges, Chooz ®antacid gum, Caldecort® Anti Itch Cream, Fiberall ®Laxative powder, Tanac® mouth sore ointment plus many more. Our products can be seen through our website  www.leosonsproducts.com  or on Facebook (LEOSONS).

Leosons has partnered with Mr. Checkout to introduce N’ICE® throat Lozenges in your stores for the fall season (though available year round). Our lozenges are available in Cherry, Menthol, Honey Lemon, Citrus, Vitamin C and Assorted flavors.

About us:

Leosons Corporation is a forthright, family owned organization that adheres to the highest ethical standards of business conduct and protects the best interest of its customers. Leosons purchased rights to multiple heritage products to assure these products have availability to their long standing customers and are vigorously introducing the efficacy of these products and usage to a new generation.

Leosons makes it their business to exceed customers’ expectations every day. Leosons personal customer satisfaction team is ready to answer any question or take your sales order to expedite it at 1-855-452-9500

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Leosons International
10 Maryland Avenue
Albany, New York 12205
Tel: 1-518-452-9000
Fax: 1-518-452-9100
Toll free: 1-855-452-9500
Website: https://www.leosonsproducts.com
Email: [email protected]