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Everything you always wanted to know about Alkaline Water By Viktor Vedmak

What is Alkaline Water?

Before we get into anything else, I should mention that the source of water matters more than anything else. In most places on this planet, tap water is not something you should drink if you care about your health. Majority of public water supplies are contaminated with fluoride, various pharmaceutical drugs, disinfection products, and piped to you through semi dissolved old pipes that every city seems to lag behind in properly replacing.

Regulations on bottled water also differ, and are more lax if it is bottled in same city, down to a point where in most of North America if you purchase bottled water that was bottled in the city you live in, chances are it is the same as your tap water. So wherever you live, always buy water that has to be imported from a safe location, ideally from a natural source.

Alkaline water is simply water that registers above 7.0 on pH scale. If it has below that, then it is acidic. Even tap water is made alkaline because acid water dissolves concrete drain pipes and copper piping, so you can imagine what acid water would do to your body. Plenty of research over the years has concluded that water should ideally be between 7 and 10 on pH scale, and most sources quote 8.5 pH as magic number.

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. Each human body is slightly different and precise and exact effects and side effects various things have on us will differ. What is certain is that natural alkaline water is good for you. Same cannot be said about artificial alkaline water. We will get more into that in a bit.

100_7520What Alkaline water is NOT!

Contrary to a number of claims made by shady marketers, alkaline water is not a miracle cure.  It will NOT cure cancer, aids, arthritis, dementia, and rest of the smorgasbord of ailments that are severe enough where you should seek professional help from your doctor. Please do not believe the claims to the contrary and place your health at risk.

Cancer cells specifically are vulnerable to ACID, and you will have better luck drinking lots of Vitamin C, alongside whatever treatment your doctor may suggest depending on the severity of your condition.

Real Benefits of Natural Alkaline Water

Every day your body naturally builds up acidic waste and toxins from aging, processed foods and prescription drugs which can all lead to more serious medical conditions, or worsening of existing ones. Natural alkaline water detoxifies!

Over normal course of the day, our body, which is mostly water based, loses water. Natural alkaline water hydrates!

Our bodies build up harmful free radicals. Natural alkaline water oxygenates and cleanses.

Consuming foods that have high acidic (low pH) value can result in body pH level dropping. Natural alkaline water alkalizes, reducing acid and raising PH level of your body.

In addition to those things, natural alkaline water boosts and enhances human immune system.

Unlike artificial alkaline water, natural alkaline water has no negative side effects. You can drink it every day, as your preferred beverage if you like, and never need to worry about any of numerous side effects that you would be dealing with if you chose to purchase.

Other possible benefits

Alkaline water might also have these following benefits, depending on your specific body, results might vary:

  • Neutralize acid in bloodstream;
  • Boost your metabolism;
  • Help your body absorb nutrients more effectively
  • Prevent certain diseases, or boost immunity to them
  • Slow the aging process
  • Slower bone density loss due to aging

However exact results in various studies differ, and that could be due to a number of causes, such as regular diet test subjects were having, substance abuse (cigarettes, narcotics, alcohol), age, genetics … in short, you might or might not experience extreme level of these specific positive benefits from drinking natural alkaline water, but it would be impossible to tell to what extent until few weeks to months after you begin consuming it.

ph ph1The pH Scale

As you can see, it is a very simple scale measuring concentration of hydrogen ions, or to put it more simply measuring how acidic is something. If pH of water animal drinks is below 3 or above 11, that animal will die. Humans are animals too. Be careful what you put in your body.

Since most of human body is actually slightly acidic, consuming acidic foods and being in mostly acidic environment due to pollution of our ecosystem by modernization, consuming pH high foods and drinking natural alkaline water will actually make people in general feel better on day to day basis.

It is not a solution in and out of itself, but it is an important part of overall solution to healthier, happier life for any individual.

Natural versus Artificial Alkaline Water

Chemically, natural and artificial alkaline water are very, very different. While natural alkaline water can be beneficial to your body, and contains minerals that are good for you, like potassium, magnesium and calcium and artificial alkaline water is 180 degrees in the opposite direction

Artificial Alkaline Water

First effect of artificial alkaline water is exactly the same as if you drank natural alkaline water. Hydration and more antioxidants in your body. Great, right? Well, yes, at first, and then, gradually, you would notice actual difference between the two.

While you will not become over-alkaline by drinking only natural alkaline water, same cannot be said about artificial alkaline water. It is exactly the same as potentially over dosing on supplements. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C naturally, but you could if you took supplements containing extreme amounts of Vitamin C. People usually do not think of things like that. They figure “Hey, this is good for me, so more is better”. Right? Wrong!  Not only can you overdose on artificial sources of “good stuff”, but you could potentially seriously and permanently damage your body, or even wind up accidentally killing yourself!

If you are consuming artificial alkaline water source, you MUST measure your pH daily, and you must know what you are putting into your body so that you can properly regulate it. You are also risking some rather severe side effects. Should you choose natural alkaline water, you do not need to have any such concerns and can safely drink it daily.

To play it safe you should at least test your body’s pH with saliva or urine pH testers acquirable at virtually any reputable, quality health food store.

In Conclusion: Balance and moderation are everything

To drink even natural alkaline water is not a substitute for balanced, healthy lifestyle and diet. Over concentrating on nothing but alkaline water could have negative consequences for those that do not do their due diligence and use bit of common sense.

Consuming natural alkaline water as part of your daily diet will more than likely result in improved feeling of well-being for you and in combination with proper diet and exercise will more than likely extend your natural life span.

As always, you should consult your family doctor prior to commencing or stopping any significant changes in your dietary habits.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease 

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