Neat Zori – Zori New Generation Footwear

Zori New Generation Footwear

Stabilizing In-Sole
High Quality Construction
Combining Comfort Functionality and Style
Helps Reduce Foot / Leg / Back and Hip Fatigue
Proven Orthotic Benefits — Arch, Heel & Metatarsal Support
Lightweight, Water Resistant Materials
Ergonomically Designed
Ultra-Comfort Sole

About Neat Zori Sandals

Neat Zori is the only sandal that currently offers the biomechanical correction of three distinct orthotics:

* Heel cup support
* Arch support
* Metatarsal support

The 15 degree heel cup guides the foot down and reduces ankle movement; this reduces the risk of spraining an ankle and significantly reduces pronation.

Every Neat Zori features an 20 degree raised arch support. This raised orthotic structure not only provides support to the arch but also provides longitudinal support through the middle of the feet.

Pain in the area behind the toes called the metatarsal region is caused by inflammation of the joints and ligaments. Neat Zori counters this area by providing cushioning in the metatarsal area.

Neat Zori is designed to mold to the foot, avoiding the flip flop motion that health specialists argue is so bad for foot structure. The raised tip on the Neat Zori also avoids toe stubbing.

Neat Zori is made using EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Polymer) rubber, a durable stress resistant, highly shock absorbent, non-slip material.

Neat Zori’s are used extensively in a wide range of activities, sports activities, beach walkers, at the pool, surfers, numerous recreational activities as well as back pain sufferers.

* Distributor Cost $15.95 –  Suggested Retail $29.95

* MOQ is 216 units (sizes 7 -12 only)

* Shipping Cartons of 6 units = 36 Cartons (This gives a spread of 6 units per size)

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Dave Roberts
Neat Feat Products Limited
859 East Sepulveda Blvd
Carson, CA 90745
Email [email protected]
Phone Number +61-467-890-100