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Steeped in Native Amercian culture and history, the ingredients used in the Native Releaf disposable vapor pen are all naturally occurring and come 100% from the hemp plant. Our hemp strains are carefully cultivated, harvested and cured to insure that the plant’s essential oils and specifically the CBD (cannabidol) can be fully extracted utilizing the highly acclaimed super critical Co2 methodology. The resulting quality of the CBD found in the Native Releaf pen, is some of the best available in the marketplace. No fillers, additives, preservatives or chemicals of any kind are used in Native Releaf and the taste is clean, smooth and enjoyable.

Easy to operate easy and easy to use. Simply puff on the mouthpiece and the tip lights-up to let the user know it is working. No recharging required, the battery life lasts for the amount of oil in the pen. The number of puffs (1,2 or 3) required to feel the CBD effect depends on the individual. Each pen advertises 100 puffs however it is actually more.

POS Box – 12 pens each, individually packaged
Master Case – two (2) POS boxes, total 24 pens

USPS Priority Mail, tracking information supplied

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

David Kimmel
PO Box 1120
Akwesasne Mohawk Territory
Hogansburg, New York 13655
Phone Number 845-629-5918