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National Retail Federation

Known as the world’s largest retail trade association, the National Retail Federation is a retail trade association founded in June 1911 which is about 107 years ago. Since then, it has been representing the interests of its members which are department stores, specialty, discount, catalog, internet, independent retailers, chain restaurants, and grocery stores. Members also include businesses that provide goods and services to retailers, such as vendors and technology providers. There is strength in number and this is shown in the impact of the National Retail Federation which has the largest private-sector industry in the United States that contains over 3.8 million retail establishments with more than 29 million employees contributing about $2.6 trillion to the Gross Domestic Product of the United States.

The century-long retail trade association can pride itself in the wonderful representation it has given retailers. It has been able to bring its members together to form a united ground against policies it deems unfavorable to its members. Membership in National Retail Federation gives retailers the opportunity to advocate on important policy issues, gain insights from industry leaders and visionaries and the awesome opportunity to network with retail’s best and brightest.

With articles, podcasts, issues, and regulation analysis, the National Retail Federation not only fights to make work more enjoyable for its members, it sensitizes them on several aspects of retail and how they can keep up with the trends. The STORES Magazine is a brilliant innovation that gives regular updates to members. Information is essential. Information can be the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. When you are informed, you can make better and smarter decisions. More, your spending is controlled and you can save to get other essentials.

The National Retail Federation offers opportunity for advertisement by businesses. Advertisement is an essential aspect of business. This is how you get your products to your target audience. However, you need a platform with the potential to reach your target audience. Your advertisement may not be targeted at consumers; it may be targeted at retailers as you are on the lookout for stores to stock your products. This is where the National Retail Federation information kits can be highly beneficial to you. Imagine a partnership with a media provider that demonstrably delivers the best relationship with the entire industry of chains and single stores. This can grant you multiple points of access to all levels of retail executives. With this, your network is widened and you can look at ways at getting your goods into them.

Workplace issues like women empowerment, discrimination, equal pay, minimum wage, taxation, governmental regulations take the front burner with the National Retail Federation. It will be interesting to note that the Federation also has a foundation which is its philanthropic arm. They work to educate, celebrate, and inspire in the industry. They have memberships available to give retailers a further opportunity to advocate on important policy issues, gain insights from industry leaders and visionaries, and network within the space.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!