National Farma’s mission is to create products that are effective, safe, consistent, and easy to use with an emphasis on improving our daily lives. Our HEMP ME UP ENERGY & WELLNESS SHOT is packed with B Vitamins, Taurine and Green Tea extract with added caffeine to promote long lasting energy. With the added bonus of 20 milligrams of nano emulsified water-soluble CBD to compliment the nootropic enhancements from the polyphenols found in the Green Tea extract.

Nano CBD increases the surface area of the molecules which improves the absorption of the CBD into the body by allowing the CBD to attach to more receptor sites – improved bioavailability. The WELLNESS portion of this shot is equally as important, as it may help decrease inflammation, serve as a neuroprotectant, improve cognitive function, reduce oxidative stress, and improve mood.

This formula fights fatigue but is balanced with calm focused mental clarity for human optimization.

There is a reason for all the hype! Try it out for yourself!

CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Vape Cartridge 4 pack

Introducing our CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Vape Cartridge 4 pack . We offer the 4 Pack 1 ml currently in 4 flavors of Pineapple Express, Cherry, Mango and OG Kush. Cost 54.88 a 4 pack which retails in Vape shops for $190.00 which you could retail at 69.97 at a 27.49% Margin!

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Lance Richards
National Farma LLC
Phone 812-202-3969