Napz® is Your All-Natural, Short-term Sleep Aid

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 Napz offers the solution to THREE distinct sleep issues:

Night Time Use
Calms your mind and body for sleep

Getting Back to Sleep
Allows you to get back to sleep, so you can benefit from your full sleep cycle

Allows you to take a “power nap” • Perfect for shift workers • Ideal for airplane travel and jet lag

Made with all natural ingredients with no artificial color or additives. All of the herbs in Napz are standardized European-grown herbs and are manufactured in a cGMP facility in the USA.
Gluten dairy and lactose free, sugar free • Zero calories

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About Napz

Napz is a short term sleep aid solution that is all natural, non-habit forming and does not have the side effects of many prescription or over the counter sleep aids.  The combination of herbs in Napz allows you to wind down, prepare for rest, and leaves no hangover feeling when you wake up. Now readily available online, Napz offers the answer to the stressful daily grind and puts you back in balance with the world around you.

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