Military Standard Approved Glass

Charisma Group LLC introduces MSA Glass™.

Military Standard Approved Glass, slim and light-weight that are engineered to protect.

MSA Glass™ was certifiably drop tested and adheres to military protection standard MIL-STD-810G. M.S.A glass is a worldwide exclusive, approved by USA Military Standards MIL-STD-810G, making it the toughest glass in the market today.

Touch-screen devices are valuable. Preserve devices with the surprisingly thin, light-weight and relentlessly tough, shatter-proof MSA Glass™. MSA Glass™ reinforces the strength of smart phone, tablet and e-book screens while maintaining their original appearance.

All of our protectors are coated with extremely durable nano layer which makes the glass scratch resistant, and we have developed exclusive coatings which can be add to the glass: privacy coating (anti-spy glass), anti blue-light radiation coating (reduce eye fatigue) , and anti-bacterial coating (keep you mobile screen 99.9% bacteria free!).

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