MollyShot OG

About Supplement Center LLC

Supplement Center, LLC is a vertically integrated national manufacturer of herbal supplements and nutraceuticals. We complete every step of the process in taking a concept through R&D, formulation, testing to manufacturing in-house. This gives us an unprecedented control of not only the efficacy and quality of a product, but also the highest profitability of our retailers. When we say no one can manufacture a better product for less it’s because we do it all ourselves and pass the savings on to our customers

About MollyShot OG

MollyShot OG MollyShot is a Premium Mood Enhancer that delivers like no other. Using time-proven herbs and cutting-edge cognitive enhancers for laser focus this product produces a heightened sense of touch and pleasure that makes any time a party.

Molly – noun ma-le – A beautiful and elusive girl.

To help you find her we created Molly. Packed with energy, mood enhancing herbs for those feel-good vibes, nootropics for extreme mental clarity, plus a full on relaxation blend to keep the edge off & prevent hangovers, you can now feel awesome doing whatever you do, whenever you do it.

Molly – The Ultimate Mood Enhancer.

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