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Mobile Shopping Definition

An increasingly common trend thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile shopping is the practice of purchasing goods or services using a mobile device. It’s almost like shopping online using a computer, only with a smaller screen. Mobile shoppers can complete their transactions either on a retailer’s mobile site or with the use of an app.

The influence of mobile devices on shopping has been on the rise since smartphones were first introduced to the market. Shoppers have gotten over the initial skepticism usually attached to any new technological innovation and are now more than comfortable making transactions on their mobile devices. Mobile shopping is the act of shopping online from your mobile device, and it is split between mobile web and mobile apps. It is projected that the number of people shopping on their mobile devices will continue to increase. What does this mean for retailers? There is a big mine of opportunities for retailers in mobile shopping.

Mobile shopping has been able to help retailers solve an age long problem of shoppers, which is full-time availability. Now, you can shop on your mobile device from your room at any time in the day, so you don’t have to worry about a store closing before you get the chance to make your purchase. This also gives shoppers the impression that their retailers are available for them at any time, thereby improving the relationship between retailers and their customers.

Have you ever heard of “shoppers’ micro-moments”? These are the moments when a person goes on their mobile devices to do or buy something. It is essential that retailers are available at these moments so as not to miss any purchase made by these customers. A retailer that offers mobile shopping services will have the advantage in this case.

Micro-moments are characterized by three categories. First is the need for some ideas, where a person has an idea of what product category they want but not the exact product. For instance, if a person wants to get furniture for their living room but they don’t know what type to go for. The second category is when the person has options but doesn’t know which one is best. The last moment is the moment they decide to go for a product.

It is crucial for retailers to know about these moments and how to take advantage of them. Ensure that you are available for shoppers at every moment, and you make sure you have the solutions to their problems ready. The trick is to figure out your customers’ intent and their context. Intent is what your customer is looking for at any moment, while context is the device the customer is using and location. If you can successfully combine context and intent with the other information you have on your customers, then, you would have successfully placed yourself in a position to benefit from the micro-moments.

Mobile shopping is the current trend in shopping, and as a smart retailer, you need to key into this new trend, or you would be miss out on many opportunities. Everyone wants to do things in the easiest and most efficient way possible, which is why mobile shopping will continue to grow. Also, you have to decide on using a web or an app. Some shoppers prefer using the web because it doesn’t take a spot on their devices. Apps also have the advantage of being closer to the users so that messages can be passed quickly to them. Therefore, instead of choosing between the web or an app, why not go for the two of them so that you won’t limit your customer reach.

Examples of Mobile Shopping

Example of Mobile Shopping
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Example of Mobile Shopping

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