Mobile Payments

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Mobile Payments Definition

This pertains to the services and technology that enable consumers to pay using their mobile phones, instead of traditional forms of payment like cash or credit cards. Mobile payment solutions come in many forms. These days, the most popular ones include NFC-based solutions such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, and app-based solutions like PayPal.

Over the years, the continuous evolution of technology has offered us more ways to make our day-to-day tasks more manageable. The advent of the internet and the introduction of smart devices into the market has especially revolutionized every part of our lives.

Nowadays, you can stay in your room and get information about anything you want. This has also infiltrated the way we conduct business as you can make transactions from the comfort of your room. Mobile payments are regulated transactions that are performed through mobile devices. This is the new trend in business, and you should definitely consider incorporating it into your business.

Mobile payments, also known as m-payment, mobile wallet, mobile money transfer, and mobile money has become an excellent alternative to cash, credit cards, and checks. It is also a more comfortable way of making payments, although it is not without its flaws. When using this service, your device generates a random code to make the transaction secure. Some technologies used in mobile payment services are Near Field Communication (NFC), Wi-Fi, RFI, and token transmission over the air (OTA). Examples of companies that offer m-payment systems are Android, Apple, Samsung, Square, PayPal, Venmo, and Google.

M-payment has many benefits. Just imagine how comfortable it will be that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your bed to make all your financial transactions. Also, using this service eliminates the need for you to walk around with cash, so you do not have to look over your shoulders anymore because of the cash in your hands. It is an excellent time saver as it helps reduce your check-out time. Companies and stores that give their customers the option of using m-payment services have a higher chance of keeping their customers because the customers find transactions easy.

Just like any other technology that has infiltrated the business market, using mobile money also has its challenges. Although there is high interest in the use of mobile wallets from consumers, the number of people of people using this service is not as high as expected. The challenge here is in determining whether consumers are skeptical about using this service or platforms are not ready for its use everywhere. Security can also be an issue with m-payment as the increasing use of over-the-air transactions has increased its vulnerability to hackers.
It is vital that your company is ready to use this service before you introduce it, as inadequate implementation may result in a sluggish performance in your company. Your company should also be flexible enough to adapt to any new m-payment opportunities available to meet the expectations of your customers.

Different brands have built apps that offer you the option of saving information on any transaction made, so you won’t have to refill these details when next you want to make the same deal. The m-payment bandwagon is really moving forward, so if you’re going to move along with the trend, you need to include the system into your company plans.

Examples of Mobile Payments

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