Retail Distribution

11011 Boul Maurice-Duplessis

Montreal, QC,

H1C 1V6 Canada

(514) 643-1000

Metro Incorporated

METRO provides Canadians with the fixings for a big meal, plus the antacid for afterwards. The retailer operates more than 600 food stores and 250-plus drugstores throughout Québec and Ontario, Canada’s largest retail markets. METRO is Québec’s #2 grocer, behind Loblaw.

Its purchase of A&P’s stores in Canada greatly expanded METRO’s retail footprint and market share. METRO also operates convenience stores and is a food wholesaler whose customers include hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, and schools. Its McMahon wholesale pharmaceutical subsidiary serves drugstores and health care facilities in Québec; it franchises about 185 Brunet and Clini Plus drugstores. METRO was founded in 1947.