Medi-Ring®: The Medicine Bottle Identification System

MEDI-RING® is a flexible, plastic ring that snaps onto prescription bottles, enabling a patient to write the condition for which it is taken, i.e. “Heart”, “Memory”, etc. MEDI-RING® was developed by a pharmacist to help eliminate errors when taking medications. He realized that over 95% of dispensed medications DO NOT state what the medication is for. With over 3.5 BILLION prescriptions dispensed annually, this product is essential for anyone who takes prescription medication.

Medi-Ring®: The Medicine Bottle Identification System

With over 10,000+ Users and counting, Medi-Ring® is the most trusted and simplest medication identification system available.

If you are a distributor, retail chain, local market, or a vendor looking to distribute and or sell MEDI-RING®, please contact us either by email or by phone to discuss opportunities.


MEDI-RING® production, packaging, and distribution is currently based in Arizona.
MEDI-RING® is Patent protected.
MEDI-RING® is Registered Trademark.
MEDI-RING® Point of Sale: Counter Top Displays.
MEDI-RING® is certified lead free by SGS North America Consumer Testing Services.
MEDI-RING® 1 Pack Included 3 Small rings and 2 Large rings.
Fitting over 99% of all standard round medicine bottles.

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