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Mr. Checkout is a national association of independent wagon-jobbers and full-line distributors. We legally distribute recreational THC edibles to marijuana dispensaries, head shops and marijuana clubs. If you have a THC product, we want to hear from you!

How to Find Marijuana Dispensary Distribution

Do you have a THC product that you want to see in marijuana dispensaries across the nation? As the popularity of these dispensaries begin to increase, so does the competition to get on their shelves. Getting marijuana dispensary distribution can be a tough task, but we’ve rounded up the best tips for you to get started:

Working on your own to increase your product’s marijuana dispensary distribution? Make calls to dispensaries to introduce yourself and your THC products. Start local, if you’re in a state where these dispensaries are legal, and work your way into other cities as you grow. Don’t be afraid to drop in to speak to someone in person if phone calls are getting you no where. Be ready to sell whomever you talk to on the benefits of your product. Chances are, they’re receiving a lot of phone calls from people like you, so you need to stand out from competitors. Know the dispensary’s customer base and be prepared to speak to how your product will fit in well with their existing inventory. Always provide the owner or buyer with samples of your product, and then schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss more details. Before you attend a follow-up meeting, prepare your pitch. Most importantly, make sure you know your product and your sales numbers inside and out.

One of the most important aspects of increasing marijuana dispensary distribution for your THC products is being ready to achieve success. Do you have the inventory to fulfill potential orders? Don’t reach out to any dispensaries without guaranteeing with your team that you are capable of producing the inventory to fulfill orders. By not doing this, you run the risk of creating a bad impression with a potential retailer who will hesitate to sign another agreement with you in the future.

The fool proof way to increase your product’s marijuana dispensary distribution? Consult with the experts. Contact the team of over 1,000 distributors at Mr. Checkout Distributors who have the expertise needed to successfully distribute your THC products to marijuana dispensaries. Working with professional sales distributors ensures that your product is put in the hands of people with years of experience selling to retailers. Plus, chances are these distributors will already have a relationship with the retailers you’re targeting, meaning you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors!

Do you have a THC product, we want to hear from you!