LOP Lotion – a pesticide-free non-toxic lice treatment

About LOP Lotion

LOP Lotion is a pesticide-free non-toxic lice treatment. Our homeopathic formula does not contain pesticides such as lindane, pyrethrin, permethrin or malathion that may have serious harmful effects on children. You can apply this non-toxic lice lotion as many times as needed knowing that your kids will be safe and that lice cannot develop resistance. It has been proven 100% effective at eliminating lice and nits (eggs); it is tough on lice and gentle on kids. Also, it has a nice mellow scent and conditions hair leaving it shiny and manageable.

You can leave behind the tingling, irritation and abrasive effects of the old-generation lice treatments! LOP Lotion is also very easy to use and timesaving. Unlike traditional lice shampoo treatments, it is applied on dry hair. The lice lotion is not messy so your kids can continue playing while LOP Lotion acts, then comb their hair and into the shower!

There are a few other products like LiceMD, Vamousse, Quit Nits and Fairy Tales that are pesticide-free but customer reviews indicate that they are not very effective, have a bad smell, are hard to rinse off or are messy. LOP was designed to excel in every aspect where our competitors’ products fail.

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