Premium Electronic Cigarettes

We embrace change and drive innovation. LIV Electronic Cigarettes is changing the cigarette industry by providing an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. We want you to be excited by the fun you can have while on the path to creating better habits and a healthier lifestyle. What makes LIV Electronic Cigarettes stand apart from other brands is our ability to deliver in three key areas:


The visual component to vaporizing, this is the smoke-like cloud that you exhale while using an electronic cigarette. LIV Electronic Cigarettes produce a thick vapor giving the appearance of smoking an actual cigarette.


Traditional smokers are extremely discerning about their tobacco, as much as we are concerned with perfecting our flavors. We strive to find a balance between decadent flavor and everyday usability. Flavors that may taste great on the first puff, may be too overpowering for use throughout your day. LIV Electronic Cigarettes carefully crafts our flavors to ensure that you can enjoy them puff after puff.

Throat Hit

Some electronic cigarettes feel as though you are not inhaling anything, while others produce a feeling in your throat and lungs. This is typically called a throat hit. LIV Electronic Cigarettes produce a strong enough throat hit that gives a clean and fulfilling vape every time. Many LIV users report a “cleaner” feeling in their lungs and a satisfied craving. Welcome to a tobacco-free lifestyle!



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