Product Description

Kleenhanz® On-the-Go 15 count pack serves as an effective, waterless solution to hand washing. Kleenhanz® consists of a fresh scented, pre-moistened, disposable towelette that wipes out germs. Liquid products without towelettes for friction, such as gels and foams, do not effectively remove dirt and germs from your hands.

Some of the many benefits of using Kleenhanz® include;

• Antimicrobial, 100% alcohol free and hypoallergenic
• Lightly moistened and fresh scented
• 99.99% effective at eliminating many common harmful germs and bacteria
• Non-flammable, water-based solution
• Does not leave hands feeling dry and cracked
• Longer protection than alcohol-based products
• Handwashing On-the-Go®

Current Penetration of Product

Kleenhanz items (multiple) are currently found in H.E.B. grocery stores throughout Texas in multiple categories (Baby, Paper, First Aid, Checkstands) and Valero Corner Stores in both tray and clip strip configurations.

For wholesale distribution info contact:

 Greg Carter
Kleenhanz, LLC
1102 East Sonterra Blvd,  Suite 100
San Antonio, Texas 78258
[email protected]
Phone:  210-579-2977   Fax: 210-579-1867

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