Kenwood ProTalk Radios

Kenwood and WS Communications are proud to offer our PKT-23 and TK-3230 two-way radios through Mr. Checkout!

These compact, yet powerful radios will improve your employees’ productivity and customer service, all while taking up a minimal amount of space! Keep connected to your employees, from anywhere in your store, with the push of a button. Our radios will allow your store to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests or urgent needs in a discreet, professional manner. We are offering two different radios through Mr. Checkout to help you better serve your customers.

The PKT-23 is our smallest, lightest radio. It is the size of a credit card, but more than powerful enough to connect your entire store. With a full 1.5 watts of power and an impressive design that meets 11 Mil-Spec standards for durability, the PKT-23 is perfect for compact communication solutions. Users will barely notice the PKT-23 when it is clipped onto a shirt or belt, but they will definitely notice the crisp, loud audio quality and all-day battery life. When you need the smallest communication solution available, the PKT-23 is your best bet.

Our TK-3230 radio is by far one of our most convenient and easy to use units, With a backlit LCD display, users can easily change between one of six available channels! The TK-3230 is slightly larger than our PKT-23 to accommodate for the LCD display and larger speaker, but it is still a compact, light weight radio. In spite of its size, the TK-3230 still manages to meet an impressive 8 Mil-Spec standards for durability. Add in all-day battery life, and our TK-3230 becomes an invaluable tool for keeping your store connected.

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