Ginger Products

In the market by importing product of extreme quality from Brazil to the US, Kapeh works to tend the American market with unique products and unbelievable flavor. Try one of our products and be delighted with unique flavors from Brazil.

Ginger Crystals:  Created by Ardrak for 14 years “Gengibre® crystals” are unique in the world market and offer many benefits such as oral hygiene refreshing breath, fighting tartar, gingivitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, operates in the vocal cords and helps digestion.

Check out our unbelievable flavors: Limon and salt, peppermint and sweet mint diet.

Ginger Candy: A line of functional ginger candy has several flavors (extra strong, Acerola and Açai with Guarana). We used in the manufacture real dried ginger powder that makes this product a strong ally in the fight against sore throats, gingivitis, bad breath and stomach problems.

Ginger Gummy: We maintained this presentation and highlighted the Ginger Gummy are the best product for your enjoyment and keeping your health.

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