Kafina Energy

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Experience the power of pure, organic herbal energy: Kafina® is a revolutionary organic energy elixir for extraordinary physical energy, mental stamina and uplifted mood with zero chemicals, jitters or crash.

  • 12ct Ready to Display Unit at Front End/Register (4 per Mastercase)
  • Amazing pre-workout fuel & overall performance enhancer
  • Drives mental focus and acuity, uplifts mood
  • Made from 5 organic ingredients – fair trade coffee, schisandra berry, fenugreek, cardamom & Vermont maple syrup
  • Made in an allergen free facility – USDA organic, gluten free, non-GMO, plant based

For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

Kathleen OBrien
Physis Products LLC
92 Nelson Pond Road
East Calais, Vermont 05650
Phone 203-273-9009