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Jackpot Energy Shots

Jackpot energy shots work as great as they taste!

We feel the need to say this over and over again. Jackpot energy shots work as great as they taste. Whenever someone tries our great tasting energizing products, we always hear it tastes too good to be zero calories and full of sustained energy. Trust us, we understand for years we felt the same way. We were simply confronted with an energy drink marketplace that offered little real choices. Through the taste of their products we were conditioned to believe that in order to work properly bitter was better. Bitter is not better!

After gathering the best minds in the beverage and energy industries, we assembled a winning team and created Jackpot Energy Shots great tasting, vitamin-rich, caffeine free, long lasting energy shot. Jackpot Energy Beverages Inc. (JP Beverages) offers a variety of incredible flavors from Bubble Gum Pop, to Dark Chocolate Raspberry Heaven, to Orange Burst, to Very Berry Blast we have something for everyone and everyday of the week. Through Jackpot’s proprietary formulas our Milk Chocolate Extreme tastes like milk chocolate, Grape Extreme tastes extremely grapy and you’ll go bananas for Strawberry Banana.

Some consumers might say creating this line of amazing flavors was enough; not Jackpot. We are already in the process of designing more flavors that taste like their names advertise and work as great as they taste. And to maintain the highest standards JP Beverages revolutionary CoQ10 energy base has been designed to provide consumers with a healthier alternative to the highly caffeinated energy beverages currently on the market. Our product line provides sustained energy, no crash, and great flavors. Trust us you won’t be disappointed. Your day will change with an energy shot you actually look forward to taking and let’s not forget your life could change with a chance to win a Million Dollars with every shot!



MyPlay2Win 140 E. Ridgewood Ave. Paramus, NJ 07652

P: 866-560-5500

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