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J.T Davenport & Sons Inc.

J.t Davenport & Sons Inc. has been open since 1917 and has an extensive history in their current home to their headquarters; Sanford,NC. Originally, it was located here due to the correct facilities that had access to the major railroads and highways.

Fortunately the company was established at the beginning of the rise of convenience stores. Already having the capacity, they quickly adjusted to the change and became the modern company they are today.

Due to their success in the past, they now operate out of a warehouse that is approximately 211,000 sq feet. Also, it is located upon 6 acres of land. Through this facility they are able to provide service to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia.

Now, they employ approximately 340 peoples and supply 2000 convenience stores. J.T Davenport & Sons Inc. provides the services of many other distributers in their region. Filling shelves with all convenience products ranging from tobacco to healthy & beauty. As well, they give their customers a variety of food services accompanied with strategic business planning.

J.T. Davenport & Sons, Inc. is a Wholesale Distributor, founded by John Taylor Davenport during the late 1800’s in Morehead City, North Carolina. In the early 1900’s Mr. Davenport decided he needed to move the company near the center of the state where major railroad and highway facilities existed. The town of Sanford, NC was chosen for these reasons.

In 1917, Mr. Davenport, Sr., along with his two sons, John T. Davenport and Taylor D. Davenport, opened a 6,000 square foot warehouse on Chatham Street with a total of 5 employees. After a number of years at this location it became clear, that if the company were to continue to prosper, a new warehouse would be necessary. So in January 1962, the Company moved to a new, modern warehouse located on Third Street, with three acres, employing 40 some people.

During this time it also became evident that convenience stores were going to become a major force in the United States so the company’s focus was changed to serve these new outlets.

Our continued success enabled us to open our present warehouse in 1984, a 135,000 square foot facility located on 70 acres of land. Since that time, we have expanded our facilities to approximately 211,000 square feet and are now servicing North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. We presently employ approximately 340 people and service approximately 2000 convenience stores.

Our mission is to sustain planned, profitable growth with our business partners by providing superior service and unique solutions while creating an environment for our employees that encourages teamwork and innovative thinking.


J.T. Davenport & Sons, Inc.
1144 Broadway Road
Sanford NC 27332-9793
Phone: (919) 774-9444