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J.Polep Distribution Services

J.Polep distribution services is yet another distribution company that has been family owned since the start. With dedication and supplying overall convenience they have been around for over 110 years.

Based out of Chicopee,MA , J.Polep Distribution Services serves about 4,000 customers each year and offer the ability to order all categories from an easy one stop shop. This includes lessons in specific programs on how to have a company that is running smoother and optimizing their own profits.

Offering customer support through a variety of means, J.Polep works effectively with its customers to establish a better working relationship overall. With a rank that puts them in the top 12 distribution companies, they able to back up their claims of being one of the best distribution services.

Over the years, J.Polep has acquired several companies that have helped to expand their product line. This has allowed them to add more effective programs as well as establish a better value to their services as a distributor.

Covering six states in the region of New England, J.Polep industries also caters to New York and Pennsylvania. They are able to supply these regions through the distribution centers they have located in Woburn, Providence, Rhode Island and West Haven.

Following is a more detailed look at the services they provide;


1. Merchandising Support

Through a wide range of support programs, J. Polep is able to assist their customers in the merchandising aspect of establishing their own convenience store retailers. They offer support in the specific categories of; store design, store set/reset assistance, shelf labels, merchandising racks and fictures, custom plan-o-grams, deli and food service merchandising, quarterly category updates and foodservice equipment.


2. Product Distribution

J. Polep Distribution Services of course has to provide on the end of the physical product distribution. Giving their customers a wide range of products to choose from, J. Polep effectively provides its clients with a great list of brand name. They have the options of providing everything you could ever need as a retailer. From beverages to cigarettes, J.Polep has the business partnerships to be able to fill all the shelves in your retail location.

In review, J.Polep distribution services is smaller in comparison to the standard distribution company but are able to provide all the services that an established distribution company should be able to. If you live within their distribution range, J.Polep industries will be able to offer you all the products you need to fill your shelves while also helping you to establish a effective merchandising aspect to your business.


J. Polep Contact Information

Main Headquarters Location:
705 Meadow St. Chicopee, MA 01013
(413) 592-4141 (800) 447-6537