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iPuff Vape LLC is proud to release the iPuffCBD product line with pre-filled disposable CBD cartridges, and rechargeable batteries for healthy vaping. CBD Has shown signs of helping with depression, anxiety, inflammation, addiction and many other conditions.

Legal in all 50 states by a Federal ruling that industrial hemp and hemp by-products are legal to import and distribute within the USA. The United States Controlled Substance Act(US.CSA) also states that cannabis plants containing less than .3%THC shall be considered industrial hemp, including all stalks, seeds, oils, or by-products.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

iPuff Vape™ is a handheld vaporizer company based out of Denver, CO and is focused on providing a healthy, smoke-free alternative to tobacco and carcinogen rich products. We are a company dedicated to helping the people one puff at a time, with ground breaking technology.

The Vapr2.0
The Vapr2.0 is ahead of its time, offering the most versatile mobile vaporizer package the industry has yet to see. Featuring a 3-in-1-atomizer system for concentrates, herbs, essential oils, and e-liquid, the Vapr2.0 allows you to vape whatever product it is you wish to vape. Features such as the full ceramic lining in the v1.3 atomizer assure users of vaping at the cleanest standards possible.

Limited Edition iPuff Bard Pen Set
Behold the 1 of 1 limited edition iPuff Bard handheld vaporizer with a unique glass eye dome. Each dome is hand made in Leadville Colorado by glass blowing artist Michael Bard. Hand blown with love at 10,000ft and hand signed, these pieces are one of a kind.

Flowr1.0 Pen Set
True convection technology with multiple heat settings combined with supreme portability renders our Flowr1.0 a necessity for all herbal vaping enthusiasts. The pen set features a large, surgical grade stainless steel chamber, ergonomic design, and three different temperature settings which make this pen a highly desirable.

Errl 1.0 Pen Set
With its ultra sleek battery and proven atomizer design, the Errl1.0 is the pen for all your concentrate needs. Not only does it display an impressive chamber capacity to satisfy even the biggest of puffs, the errl1.0 also offers the highest quality ceramic throughout the inner linings and wickless heating element. Our unique click-in base provides and glass globe provide for maximum vapor production.

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