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IONiK Beverages – All natural, low calorie mineral recovery drink thatA�provides enhanced hydration with over 72 ionic trace minerals to hydrate your body as nature intended.

ionixpicIONiK provides enhanced hydration with over 72 ionic trace minerals and electrolytes to help recharge and hydrate your body naturally. Sourced from the world’s oldest inland sea, these balanced ionic minerals and electrolytes replenish your body with the elements your body needs to recover, recharge and feel revitalized. Enhanced hydration with IONiK mineral recovery sports drink means increased energy, peak performance, and optimized recovery for a healthier you!

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Infused with over 72 naturally formed electrolytes, trace and ultra trace minerals, IONiK provides your body with what it needs to replenish, recover and recharge. Exercise, summer heat, and stress can deplete your body of essential minerals leaving you feeling tired, sluggish and run down. Our signature blend of these essential electrolytes and minerals plus B&C vitamins will give you that extra power and endurance to go the extra mile. IONiK is a natural mineral recovery sports drink, nothing artificial and no caffeine.

Current Distribution: In all 105 Life Time Fitness gyms and approved vendor with UNFI. In the process of penetrating the California markets in gyms, natural grocery stores, specialty sports.

Unit Suggested Retail Price (SRP) $2.99

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