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How to write and send in your ad for our weekly What’s Hot eZine

Welcome to the Mr. Checkout Group.

Your ad promoting your companies products and/or services will be broadcasted
to over 6,000 merchandise resellers. Within this verified, opt-in list are our
Mr. Checkout Distributors and many of the best wholesale-to-distributor
warehouses in the US.

The eBlast goes out on Thursday so try to get it to me by Wed PM.

The same ad will run unless you send in a new ad.

Below are 4 eBlasts from a suppliers that are in an excellent format for

If you have not already, sign-up at www.mrcheckout.netA� so you can receive yours and other supplier’s
eBlasts as they are sent. You can unsubscribe anytime but it will give you ideas
on how to best advertise to our Group.

Make sure the picture you are sending has a URL. It must be web-based. If you
need help, go to http://www.imageshack.us
and this free service will host it for you.


IMPORTANT: Send me the URL that is the “direct
link to image”….. It is the last one on the page….. or just call me and I
will walk you thru it. The html link you send me will show as a picture when it
is broadcasted.

Please write your companies name on the Subject line when sending. I will
edit and give it a good headline.


Bob Goldstein, President / Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc.

Office: 561-367-0076 …..Fax: 561-367-0021 ….. [email protected]


Samples of 4 good eBlast formats:

Note: Your links will be live whenA�broadcasted.



Distribute Vigorama from Price Master…


New at Price Master Corp: NEW!!! VIGORAMA 24 CT X2 PILLS VISIT OUR NEW
WEBSITE: http://www.pricemaster.com A� ***Price Master Corp-
Importer/exporter/Distributor of general merchandise, health & beauty aids,
novelty items ,batteries, films, cameras , lighters +more. *We carry over 3000
fast moving items.We are your #1 Convenience store specialist. ** We provide
excellent customer service,great prices & quick delivery. Contact us at
1-800-538-3873 for a free catalogue or email [email protected]


Distribute Extenze from Wholesale Outlet


Extenze is in Big Demand! This is a hot seller with big profit potential!
Don’t miss out! Extenze is available in Male or Female form. Buy
in Volume to get the best price! Deals on Extenze expire this week! Wholesale
Outlet is a national volume distributor specializing in convenient store

Visit us on the web at http://www.sotexas.com A�or call



Distribute Little Cigars from A & T Tobacco –


New at A & T Tobacco: NEW!!! Twinkle 4 pack 69mm Little Cigars with Free
Acrylic Counter Display VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://www.attobacco.com A�***A
& T Tobacco – Distributor of Cigars, Little Cigars and Specialty Cigars
+more. *We are your #1 Convenience store Tobacco specialist. ** We provide
excellent customer service,great prices & quick delivery. Contact us at
1-866-509-3348 EXT# 112 to order or email [email protected]


Distribute the “NEW” Zig-Zag Cigar Wraps …

They come 6 boxes per display (1 box of each flavor)
Flavors: Purple Thunder, Peach Frenzy, Blue JuJu,
Cherry Rush, Apple Blitz and Melon Burst 25 2-pks per box
8 Displays per CaseA� Call Cod Company, Inc. and
ask about the $5.00 bill-back program being
offered right now on the “NEW”A� Zig-Zag Cigar Wrap Displays.
Cod Company, Inc. 800-236-7222



Note: This is the way to send in your eBlast. When it goes live, the
email, pic and website will be live links. You will get copies of all of your
eBlasts when you sign up on our homepage for the What’s Hot eZine.



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