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Sporting Goods Wholesale Distributors

Sporting Goods / Sportswear Wholesale Distributors

When you need sportswear, athletic equipment, or exercise machines, where do you go? People in the United States have two main options: visiting a large, national chain store, or stopping by a local, independently owned sporting good store. For many, the latter is the obvious choice.

Why do customers prefer independent sporting goods stores? According to Consumer Reports, there are a number of factors that give these stores a competitive edge over larger chains. First and foremost, customers feel independent stores tend to invest more in training their employees, so the staff is much more knowledgeable about the product selection. Customers who shop at independently owned stores feel comfortable asking these employees for advice regarding what athletic gear to buy or which machine is more effective. However, it is difficult for customers to build this type of relationship with employees at a larger chain.

Because independent stores usually have a more attentive staff, employees are able to keep a close eye on merchandise to ensure it is not being mishandled or damaged by customers. This may be why the Consumer Reports study showed that customers found higher quality products at independent stores than they did at big box or chain retailers.

Privately owned independent sporting good stores can also offer a larger selection of inventory that is more catered to the community. For example, these stores are likely to have a diverse assortment of clothing and other accessories branded with the local professional, college, and even high school team logos.

Independent store owners truly become part of the community instead of being seen as just another retailer. Many of these stores sponsor local sporting events or leagues, not just to get their name out in the community, but to give back to those who have helped them stay in business for so long.

Store owners can quickly respond to customer feedback without having to pass along the information to a corporate manager and wait for a response. Instead, if a customer suggests adding a new product to the inventory, an independent store owner can make it happen all on his own. This power leads to a more customized, special experience for every customer in the community who feels like his or her needs are being heard by a local business owner.

Overall, customers feel more welcomed by and satisfied with independent sporting good stores than larger chains, so why not get on these stores’ shelves? To learn more about how Mr. Checkout Distributors can help you reach independent sporting good store owners, contact us today.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!