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Independent Hardware Stores

Independent Hardware Retail

Independent hardware stores are privately owned and operated retailers that sell a variety of goods, including tools, cutlery, housewares, paint, appliances, and building materials. Although there are a number of big box retailers in this industry, it is the independent stores that manufacturers are usually eager to get in touch with. Why? Because that’s where the customers are.

Customers may feel overwhelmed walking into a large retailer. It can be difficult to get an employee’s attention or find what you’re looking for on your own. Asking for help can be just as intimidating since customers often feel as if they should know more about the subject than they do. However, customers don’t have this experience when shopping at an independent hardware store.

Independent hardware stores recognize that their customers will vary in skill level, so they take a hands-on approach to customer service. Employees in these stores tend to be well-trained and knowledgeable about the product selection and how to perform common home improvement and repair projects. Customers don’t have to come in knowing what they are looking for—instead they can arrive with a problem, and let the staff tell them what they need to fix it. They also take the time to get to know their customers and their needs, so they are better able to serve them. Because of this, customers know they can enter an independent hardware store and get the help they need without being talked into buying unnecessary products.

There are so hundreds of different products that could be sold in hardware stores, which is why so many independent retailers have now chosen to focus on a specific niche within the market. For example, some independent hardware stores may specialize in paint and paint supplies, while others specialize in appliances and appliance repairs. This allows these retailers to put all of their efforts into this niche so they can offer the best inventory, have the most knowledgeable staff, and gain a competitive edge over larger retailers in the community.

Local contractors and construction companies also love having an independent hardware store in the community. These professionals—who are in constant need of new tools and other items—establish a relationship with independent store owners who give them the attention and respect they deserve.


Now that you understand the valuable role independent hardware stores play in customers’ lives and the community, why not try to get on their shelves? To learn more about how Mr. Checkout Distributors can help you reach independent hardware store owners, contact us today.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!