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Independent Grocery Stores

Independent Grocery StoreIndependent grocery stores are privately owned stores that either self-distribute or work with skilled wholesale distributors. Most of the independent grocery stores in the United States are owned by families who have controlled the business for decades. Customers are drawn to these stories because they know they will be treated like another member of the family as opposed to just another customer. Family-owned independent grocery stores think of the person before the profit, and this is made very clear with their hands-on approach to customer service.

But for customers, the customer service is not the only appealing thing about shopping at independent grocery stores. Many customers prefer these privately owned stores because they do not have to report back to corporate and allow the corner offices to make decisions. Instead, independent grocery stores are more flexible and can quickly adapt to customers’ changing needs. If a customer asks an independent grocery store owner to stock a product, that owner has the power to make it happen without speaking to anyone else about the decision. Customers love how independent grocery stores are always looking out for their customers’ needs instead of the store’s bottom line.

In fact, many independent grocery stores will listen to their customers and expand or add entire sections of the store to please the community. These stores often specialize in certain areas, such as craft beers, fresh produce, flowers, or baked goods. When customers walk into an independent grocery store, they don’t expect the traditional grocery shopping experience. Instead, they know they will be greeted by a friendly face and welcomed into the store, where they will see a large selection of fresh specialty goods.

Independent grocery stores may not have the same brand name recognition as larger regional or national chains, but they play an important role in their communities. According to the National Grocers Association, there are over 21,000 independent grocery stores in the United States, which employ nearly 945,000 people. To put the national impact of independent stores in perspective, consider this: these stores generate around $130 billion in annual revenue, which accounts for about 25% of the total domestic market!

These stores also tend to have close ties with non-profit organizations within the community. Many independent grocers work with local charities and food banks in order to give back to the community who has kept them in business for so long.

Now that you know how valued these privately owned stores are by customers in the community, why not get your product on independent grocers’ shelves around the country? To learn more about how Mr. Checkout Distributors can help you reach independent grocery store owners, contact us today.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!