Brand/Types of Items:

Our primary brand of product offering will consist of our Vaultz® range of Secure Storage Products. Our tagline is “If It’s important to you, LOCK IT UP!™”. Vaultz® offers security, protection, and style within storage sub-categories that traditionally don’t offer those elements. Our other popular and notable brands are; Snap-N-Store® Creative Storage (Stylish, Collapsible Storage Products at a Value Price), Find It® Organizational Products (provides a Smarter way to organize with Solutions in Filing, Binding, Storage, and Organization), Magic Tap® Automatic Drink Dispenser, Chillz™ Ice Wraps, and Sleevey Magic™ Fashion Wear.

Competitive Advantage:

Vaultz is unique because it fills the void between storage and security storage with highly fashionable, protective, secure products. Vaultz also represents a trade-up in every storage category in which it competes. Snap-N-Store has been so successful because the products are value-priced, yet extremely fashionable and functional…not to mention sturdy. The recycled content enhances its popularity, as do the variety of finishes that we can apply to these items. The production process allows

Marketing Overview:

We are a relatively small company, and have no plans to invest in advertising/marketing our products. We do have a first-class web site, though. We rely upon the foot traffic and placement within our retail partners to drive sales. Our products perform very well at retail because they are different, providing added and relevant value.

Event Objectives:

Expand our distribution with our current customers and build relationships and volume with new customers, Specifically in the mass, food and drug market. We are a very lean crew and see ECRM as a great opportunity to see a large number of potential customers that we otherwise might not get a chance to meet with.

Company Overview:

Highly innovative creators, producers and marketers of Vaultz®), Find It® and Snap-N-Store®, focused on bringing excitement and incremental sales to mature categories. Heavy emphasis on storage, BTS, filing, and binding. ALWAYS something new and different!