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How to Find the Best Energy Drink Distributor

The energy drink market is extremely competitive, and as such, your product needs more than a catchy package and a good taste to survive. To excel in the oversaturated energy drink market, you need creativity and know-how, business acumen and a carefully calculated distribution strategy. If consumers don’t know about your product and if it isn’t on store shelves, you won’t see the sales numbers you want. This is why it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable, competent energy drink distributor that will distribute your energy drink product to the right retailers in the right geographic regions. Here is how to find the best energy drink distributor:

Analyze the Competition:
Look at what your competitors are doing to get an idea of the kind of distributor you need for your own energy drink product. Analyze their distribution strategy. What is needed to get the product from the manufacturer to the retailer in the best condition? You can find distribution information on product packaging. Go to the convenience store where your competitors’ energy drinks are sold and write down the information about who is distributing what products. Reach out to these distributors to see if they’re willing to carry your product as well.

Hunt Trade Magazines for a Lead:

Distributors tend to advertise in industry trade magazines. Browse beverage industry trade magazines and trade publications to find leads on potential energy drink distributors. Perform your due diligence and vet each candidate to find the very best energy drink distributor for your product.

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