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How to Find a Distributor for Your Novelty Item?

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You have a novelty item, how do you distribute it?

It seems like you can find or sell a novelty item just about anywhere. You can sell these products through a website, at the flea market, at the weekly farmers market or via a mail order catalog. If you happen to have a love of novelty items and a large potential customer base for them, you can open a retail store specializing in novelty items or you can open a novelty franchise store.

In order to do this, you’ll need to find retain distribution for your novelty item. Many inventors and entrepreneurs are confused about how to find a distributor for a novelty item. We’re here to share with you a few tricks of the trade.

One way to find a distributor for you novelty item is to align yourself with larger brands that already have agreements with large distribution companies, which can help get your product farther, faster. These are the types of companies who have a larger reach, a wider bandwidth. They come equipped with a team of knowledgeable salespeople that will push your novelty item and put it in the right places. They are presenting to buyers on a regular basis and can get your product on shelves.

Another less-known way to find a distributor for you novelty item is to visit retail stores and look at the packaging of similar products. Who distributes these products? It says so on the packaging! Just look at where it says “manufactured by” or “distributed by.” This is a great way to find a distribution partner. Write down or take pictures of the packages of these novelty items,

A third to figure out how to find a distributor for your novelty item is to utilize a trade publication. Pay a visit to your local public library and ask the librarian for help finding trade publications in the novelty product industry. Trade publications are filled with valuable information, advertisements and classifieds from which you can glean vital information regarding the manufacturing and distribution of novelty items. Use them as a research tool to see who distributes products similar to yours, and then contact these distributors with a well-formed pitch.

Use the internet to your advantage. Search engines are a great way to find a distributor for your novelty item. Do a Google search using targeted keywords, such as “novelty item distributor” or “novelty product distributor.” You can also search the internet to find online trade magazines, some of which come with a free subscription.

Lastly, you can easily find a distributor for your novelty item using a service like Mr. Checkout, a national network of retail distributors and wholesalers servicing 35,000 independent convenience, grocery and specialty stores. When you join Mr. Checkout Distributors, you’re put in touch with a network of 1,100 independent distributors, so you can easily find a distributor that will be the best fit for your novelty item.

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!