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Distribute Your Health Food Product to Convenience Stores

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How to Distribute Your Health Food Product to Convenience Stores

The convenience store game is changing. Consumers live their lives on-the-go, but that doesn’t mean they want their food to always come pre-packaged or with fries. Studies show that there is now a higher demand for healthier options and fresh foods at convenience stores. What does this fresh food revolution mean for entrepreneurs? There is a new market for health food products at convenience stores, in those places the endlessly moving professional American constantly frequents. As such, it is important to know how to distribute your health food product to convenience stores.

As a manufacturer of a health food product, you have a variety of distribution options to get your product into convenience stores. As we mentioned, there is a growing market for specialty foods, and with that, there is also a growth in distribution options, meaning there are more ways than ever to distribute these food products.

Different food products will require different methods of storage and distribution; therefore, wholesale distributors of food products tend to follow a specific path of distribution and delivery so that these items reach customers fresh and well before expiration.

You have to establish a partnership with the right distributor who will understand your business and your health food product, as well as the critical need for quick delivery to the right retailers. The perishable nature of health food products and the care that needs to be taken to preserve, package and distribute them makes it task for specific distributors. Of course, some health food products aren’t even preserved, so distribution of these items must be streamlined even further.

Gourmet or specialty food distributors: A gourmet or specialty food distributors generally distributes dry groceries to natural foods markets, specialty gourmet stores and convenience stores.

C-store distributors: Convenience store distributors are experts in the convenience store industry, being the delivery and distribution of products perfect for the c-store retail outlet. C-store distributors distribute to convenience stores all across the nation, as well as some grocery stores.

Rack jobbers: Rack jobbers distribute both fresh food and dry food items in large volumes. These distributors are full service, offering full in-store merchandising and sales.

Food distributors: A food distributor will distribute your health food product to c-stores and grocery stores. This type of distributor also commonly distributes food products to they also hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools restaurants and fast food outlets.

Once you’ve identified which distribution channel is right for your health food product, look online and in trade magazines to find potential distributors. Get a hold of a convenience store distributor. Contact the buyer via phone or email. It’s important you have your tailored sales pitch at the ready; get ready to explain what your new food product can do for these distributors that other products aren’t doing. Explain how your product is different. Be sure to follow up and be ready to fill orders!

Now that you know how to launch a new product in convenience stores, let us know if you have a new product idea on the site!

If you have a product, we want to hear from you!