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Since 1989, we have been placing both innovative and everyday products on the shelves of both independent and big box retailers nationwide. In that time we have had the privilege of working with many major channel retail partners.

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As much as it seems far to have the producer dealing with the retailer, it happens with direct store delivery. This is when the producer gets the goods himself to the retail outlet. The wholesaler or the independent distributor is out of the picture here. The producer then has to draw out a feasible plan on how to get his products to the retail outlets for consumers to get easy access. This can be stressful as it is one of the many things a manufacturer has to think about. Some ideas have been distilled below.

First, it is the goal of every retailer to make money and still have sustained customer relations, thus, this is what the producer or the distributor pitching the product has to pay attention to. The manufacturer can help by ensuring that he looks at making profit from sale in large quantities than from sales in few. That is, she is willing to make a dollar on one thousand products than make three dollars on one hundred. By this, the retailer can make profit and still sell the product at customer friendly price. 

Second, what can help a retailer appreciate and accept a product is the advertisement and awareness given to it on the media – either social or mass. A product people can easily recall its advertisement would sell faster than that they have never seen or heard of. The producer has to ensure that the product is well advertised. Hardly would a retailer turn away a popular product because customers would definitely come looking for it.

Third, every business person wants to make profit everywhere possible. The realization of this by the producer and the distributor would help to pitch the product faster. The producer can give promotions and attractive discounts to retailers. These promotions and discount would attract the retailer into stocking the product. For instance, a product with a fixed price is distributed to retailers at 30% off the normal bulk and distribution rate; this inevitably would bring in more money to the retailer from the sale of that product. 

Fourth, virtually everyone is attracted by beauty, elegance, nice designs and visual effects. The packaging given to a particular product goes a long way in getting not only consumers to appreciate it but retailers to stock it. The designs given to packaging are essential. A product may be good and very effective but with substandard packaging, a less effective product which is more expensive can sell faster than it. This is the power of attractive designs and packaging. 

Fifth, the producer or the distributor has to harness the power of trade shows. Trade shows are events where producers and distributors get to exhibit their products to the public glare. At these events, the retailers would be around to see whose tender that would have to invite next to distribute. How to Approach a Store to Sell Your Product | Chron.com › … › New Product Marketing.

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