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Energy shots are geared to one thing ; ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY!

We are NOT! At Genuity Labs we realize that in order to be focused, students need more than just energy — and we certainly do not support students turning to prescription drugs.  Many students abuse prescription drugs (like Adderall) that raise Dopamine and
Serotonin levels. With this in mind, our Hocus Focus Shot proprietary formula was designed to raise Dopamine and Serotonin levels in a safe and healthy way. In addition we have included ingredients that are believed to improve other facets of brain function including cerebral circulation and nourishment (this statement hasn’t been proven or approved by the FDA, but the ingredients are believed to have such an effect).

How much caffeine?
This is part of our proprietary formula, meaning we cannot reveal the exact amount; however we can say it is comparable to the amount of caffeine in a premium cup of coffee. While no one knows for sure how much caffeine is in leading energy shots, based on studies of those products we can estimate that our caffeine content is significantly less than energy shots.


Really NO jitters
Other products and companies make this claim, but it is really nonsense. Anyone who has taken energy shots knows this jittery, unsettled feeling. Something unique about Hocus Focus Shot is an ingredient “L-THEANINE” (not very common, but a key ingredient found in green tea) which is supposed to complement caffeine by taking the energy and leveling it out to a more focused energy over a longer time period, getting rid of that jittery feel.

hocus focus shots 2Testimonials thus far
We already have a number of regular users (including professionals in many fields) who swear by this product before every studying session, every exam, playing golf and other sports requiring peak mental performance. People have reported a few things consistently across the board:

– It is easy to focus on a single task for an extended period of time with much less distraction and attention to outside factors
– When conversing with others and doing various things that do not require focus you feel a definite relaxed, but very awake feel
– When taking the whole bottle for the first time, you may experience a minor “flush” feeling in the first 10-20 minutes
– After another 5-10 minutes the “flush” feeling wears off and you fall into a smooth focused state
– When you begin to focus on something you definitely feel a difference
– In the work place we have had a number of testimonials that state if they have a huge task at hand they turn to Hocus Focus Shot, because they know they will have the focus and determination to get the project finished
– People have also reported that when taking Hocus Focus Shot they felt the need to keep busy

hocus focus shotsPremium Ingredients
The raw ingredients found in Hocus Focus Shot are more expensive than those in energy supplements. These ingredients are uncommon because of their prices and many corporations not willing to accept smaller margins. We are sacrificing profits in order to bring the highest quality product to consumers at the most affordable price.
“What makes Hocus Focus Shot different from other brain supplements?”
– Liquid form makes for easier and faster digestion
– Only fast-acting ingredients to make you smarter when you need it most
– Ingredients were carefully chosen to enhance all facets of brain function

hocus focus studentBlog  Posts:

Nicole Marie · Assurance Associate at Marcum LLP
Best study aid that I’ve ever tried! Better than coffee or adderall without feeling a crash afterward.. higher grades with less study time – sounds good to me.
October 15, 2012 at 12:17pm

Hanh Le · New York, New York
I was skeptical, but tried it out and I was zoning pretty hard for a good 5 hours. Less expensive, legal, and in my opinion more effective than adderall.
September 29, 2012 at 1:42pm

hocus focus homeEllen Smith Roth · Grover Cleveland High School
Love this stuff. It’s not just for studying. I took it for the first time yesterday and went to work. IhavD the most productive day, organized and accomplished a huge amount of work. I was alert and focused. No crashing afterward. Most working people should be on this too!
November 28, 2012 at 6:25am

Jose Antonio · CollegeHire at Bella Group
nothing more important than your focus.
November 11, 2012 at 4:01pm


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