Himalayan Salt Products

    Increasingly Popular in grocery, specialty, gift and health markets Salt Skill’s diverse line of products will have the shelf presence, pricing and customer demand to make your job easy. Himalayan salt is an all natural, mineral rich product that is sought after by those seeking alternative health and natural products ranging from cooking/eating salt, culinary specialties like our grilling planks and tequila shot glasses.

    Himalayan salt is also a growing trend in beauty/cosmetic category with our range of Himalayan bath soaks and scrubs infused with aromatic essential oils. Finally, our ionic salt lamps are flying off the shelf in many retail settings across the USA.

    For Wholesale Distribution Opportunities Contact:

    Kyle Dammann
    Salt Skill – Himalayan Salt Company
    10 Plum St.
    Verona, PA 15147
    Phone Number 814-207-8838
    Website http://www.saltskill.com
    Email info@saltskill.com