hbcHealth & Beauty Care Products

Driven by energy shots, health and beauty care (HBC) surged past general merchandise to capture the number 10 spot on the Top 10 Category Sales sorted by gross margin contribution, according to NACS State of the Industry (SOI) data.  As a beauty products distributor, manufacturer or other related business owner, you work in an industry experiencing continued growth/expansion throughout the country and overseas. The personal care product industry boasts roughly 750 companies that produce a combined annual revenue of more than $40 billion. The 50 largest companies generate almost 70% of the entire revenue. Still, the market will bear competition from small companies that can offer a specialized product or cater to a particular niche market.

Recommended HBC Products:

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Forgiven – Hangover Relief    http://mrcheckout.net/forgiven/

Body Works Functional Shots  http://mrcheckout.net/body-works-functional-shots/

Vivazen   http://mrcheckout.net/vivazen/

Lil’ Drug Store  http://mrcheckout.net/lil-drug-store/

Rhelief –  Pain Reliever   http://mrcheckout.net/rhelief-pain-reliever/

Angry Bird 3-D Toothbrush  http://mrcheckout.net/angry-bird-toothbrush/

Hocus Focus – More than an Energy Shot  http://mrcheckout.net/hocus-focus/

VanaPain – Liquid Pain Relief  http://mrcheckout.net/vanapain/

MiraFlex – Targeted Topical Pain Relief  http://mrcheckout.net/miraflex/

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles  http://mrcheckout.net/dr-brown-baby-bottles/