The Mr. Checkout Network over 30+ years has developed relationships with buyers in nearly every major big box store.


With over 60 products in major retailers, Mr. Checkout works as manufacturers reps for specific products depending on their marketability and retail focus. Taking a product direct to retail may be a better path to market for some products than through the network of distributors, jobbers and wholesalers that works with Mr. Checkout.

Working as manufacturers reps, we make sure to give a clear future of success, provide transparency in our business relationships and use our technology to give product manufacturers insight into what we are doing. We view product brokers as a great partnership and work with a number of manufacturers rep groups and product broker groups to find the best placement and deals for the products that were take direct to retail.

If you have a product that you think that we would be interested in taking direct to retail, let us know here.

How to Introduce Innovative Hardware Products

Every year, new and innovative products are released to the public. These products are advertised as solutions to existing problems. And truthfully, if a product is not solving a problem, it hasn’t got enough reason to be in the market. The opportunity to enter the market with new products lies in the ability to know the current situation and seeing a way of capitalizing on it.

In 2007, at the Macworld Conference, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 to the market. He was able to pitch this innovative product to millions of people all over the world by relying on a few points. These points can be greatly adapted for other innovative hardware products. Some points to be noted are:

Create a Market Survey

Know what is happening in the market and see how the market stands to benefit from your product is very important. Conduct a survey and ask retailers on things their customers have been expecting to be offered to them. You can also ask consumers on the things they would love to have but at the moment they cannot get. Many times, online reviews have been very effective in getting a wide range of response but physical survey where there is a discussion and suggestion are made by the market can be golden.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Not everyone would be your customer. As popular as Apple products are, not everyone uses them. Get to know the range of your customers. Are you selling what men would mostly find attractive? Or is it that women are going to enjoy it better? For instance, a lawn mower which is innovatively different from what used to be the case may be more attractive to men than women. Knowing your customers would help you in the marketing. The iPhone was more attractive to those who are tech-conscious.

How is it different?

This is the question on people’s mind when you first introduce the product. People want to know the innovative element, the new thing, the addition you are bringing to the market. At this point, it lies on you to point out the differences of the new product to the old ones. You must be able to strike a clear difference in what you are selling. When iPhone 4 was introduced, the fact that you can use a button for all you need and the rest is operated by touching the screen was innovative. The aesthetics put into it was also very attractive.

Point out the solution

People are looking at putting their money on solutions to problems. Thus, there must be a solution you are offering to customers. Place emphasis on this solution. When you are able to effectively point the spotlight on the problem, pricing would not be a big problem. When you are offering a solution people want, you can be sure of traction.


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