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Harbor Wholesale Grocery Inc. is a regional distributor that focuses in the northwestern region of the United States. They pride themselves in their brand name collection of providers and manufacturers so that they can provide their customers with the specific products that they request.

Harbor Wholesale ships over 10,000 items every day from a wide selection of approximately 10,000 different products. With 50 trucks delivering the quality items on a regular basis, Harbor Wholesale is able to provide the northwestern states with a high quality and timely service.

Focusing on efficiency, they deliver core product categories that include; grocery, snacks, candy, beverages, cigarettes, tobacco, health & beauty, general merchandise, foodservice and fresh foods.

A huge motivation behind the company ethics of Harbor Wholesale is their approach to customer service. Having a wide range of customer service representatives, they can help you achieve success and profit optimization. Uniquely though, Harbor Wholesale prides themselves in the fact that the driver of their products is just as educated in their product as anyone at the head office. They feel that the driver should be able to answer any of your questions and assist in any of your questions related to their services, not just the delivery process.

They are able to easily provide this running standard through the following business division;


Product Distribution

A recent trend in our modern market is the drive to find healthy alternatives to your typical idea of “fast food”. Emphasizing this trend clearly, Harbor Wholesale provides a significant selection of fresh products with which you can stock your store. A couple of their health food product categories are as follows; grab & go deli, sandwiches and salads, complete dairy program, nuts & dried fruits, healthy juices and fresh fruit and produce. Although don’t think this is all they have, as mentioned before they still provide over 10,000 products in a variety of categories that can fill any of your retail store-front needs.


Customer Assistance

This company is also excellent at providing a variety of Customer Assistance programs. To begin with, they have a solutions and support team to handle the problems that arise with any problem relating to their companies distribution. As many other companies they also provide an excellent WAM service that helps to improve the effectiveness of their accrual programs. With all of these tied together, they also have a service which they title “Harbor One”. This is a rewards program for vendors and those who use full line purchases with this company. As a final note, they provide their customers with excellent marketing opportunities through their annual tradeshow. Approximately 125 of their vendors are in attendance and give you a chance to gain notoriety for your business as well as check out all the new products that Harbor Wholesales has in stock.


Technological Assistance

In order to keep up with the modern market trends, Harbor Wholesale provides a means for their customers to keep up to date with their distribution needs. Providing your with an APC scanner that keeps tracks of your products, Harbor Wholesale can know your stock instantaneously though the internet. This optimizes both your productivity and helps to keep their high standard of timely deliveries.


Harbor Wholesale Grocery
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service:(800) 624-3614
Main Office: (360) 754-4484
Main Fax: (360) 705-2594