HALO Sani-CuFFS wristbands

ARMORTERIA, design and manufacture HALO Sani-CuFFS wristbands, an innovative product that gives parents peace of mind that their children are never more than arms length from a squirt of sanitizer. Coughs, colds and sneezes can all be prevented by arming your child with a Sani-CUFFS wristband.

“Halo Sani Cuffs are wristbands that can store and release any type of hand sanitizer. They are colorful, artful and provide a quick convenient way for children to keep clean even when parents are not around. Each band belongs to a unique and original character and provide for more in depth storyline that will make the kids want to collect and trade.”



The idea behind Sani-CuFFS has been in development since 2008, when students and
teachers from Queens, New York, decided to work on the project in their own time
after classes. The idea behind Sani-CuFFS has come through many stages of
development and testing culminating in the product you see today. The pupils and
teachers worked together to bring you this revolutionary new way of protecting
your children, from germs and harmful bacteria, even when they’re at school.


July 30, 2013

Halo Sani-Cuffs – Sanitizer Dispenser

I received the SaniCuffs – Sanitizer Dispenser in order to do a review, however
all statements made are my own and were not influenced in any way.
We received Binky – the blue SaniCuff. I had some issues getting it filled up the
first time, but after that initial use it became easier. I will wear it myself
when we go to the playground and other outings. These are for ages 5 and up and I
cuffspicsdefinitely agree that they are not suitable for a 3 year old. I know my son is
one that loves to clean and would use up the contents in a matter of minutes so
he can keep his hands and area around him clean.

I love having the sanitizer handy, we often pack lunch to take with us and there
are not any rest rooms at the parks for us to wash our hands. This allows me to
easily have something my son thinks is fun to use. I do allow him to squeeze out
the sanitizer and wipe it off onto his hands.

These are really cute and come in a variety of colors. I am sure they would be
great for older kids to wear and use.

Contact: Armorteria, LLC
Attn: Gregory Francios
26-09 115th Rd Cambria Heights, NY 11411




HALO Sani-CuFFS wristbands in America’s c-stores…

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For more information on HALO Sani-CuFFS wristbands, contact:

Armorteria, LLC
Attn: Gregory Francios
26-09 115th Rd Cambria Heights, NY 11411


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