Gwee Accessories, Always When And Where You Need Them

What does Gwee Offer You?

We at Gwee offer you a unique line of accessories and products designed to multi-task and simplify. Our microfiber cleaning accessories clean your cell phone and tablet screens while organizing cables, cleaning glasses, acting as a kickstand and more. We have iPhone cases where our exclusive Gwee Button is embedded into the case, and iPad cases where our Gwee Racer is designed to fit seamlessly within the case. Our accessories capitalize on having a small footprint while generating great sales and happy customers.

Sport Guppy

Gwee Sport Guppy: A Headphone Cable Manager to keep cords and cables tangle free and organized. It utilizes our patent pending magnetic clasping system that allows it to attach glasses and ear buds to any shirt, blouse, or ball cap. The magnets are strong enough to hold cash and the soft microfiber interior cleans screens and glasses.


Gwee Button: A Microfiber Cell Phone Screen Cleaner that combines an anti-microbial cleaning cloth and kickstand into a compact, portable kit that sticks safely onto the back of a phone, tablet or case. This is the best screen cleaning solution for touch screen phones and small tablets.

Keyring Guppy

Gwee Keyring Guppy: Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloth that is always handy on a keychain. As with all our microfiber, it is embedded with Ultra-Fresh’s anti-microbial technology to kill germs and bacteria after they are cleaned off the screens and glasses.


Gwee Leaf: A colorful Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth that magnetically attaches to your Tablet, Laptop or Desktop Screen for an always handy, non bulky screen cleaner.


Gwee Racer: A Microfiber Touchscreen Cleaning Kit for a tablet, laptop or computer that easily fits in briefcases, desk drawers, purses or backpacks. The embedded magnets will often hold the Racer and its holder to your screen without using the optional adhesive strips.

Gwee Accessories, Always “When And Where You Need Them”

We are well capitalized and offer you good margins by owning our manufacturing plant in Tai – Shan City in China. Most of our products are designed and developed in house with more products still in development including in dual-driver ear buds. We are always looking for strategic opportunities and partnerships and look forward to working with you.

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