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Hi, Everyone!

We would like to present to you the GIORNO BAGNO lineup.

GIORNO BAGNO is a premium Bath&Body Cosmetic Brand, unique in its creation, that encompasses a universe of details that reminds us of the richness of our senses, thanks to the beloved and impactful fragrances that stand out and you will never forget. Any prior reference to a bar soap’s fragrance will never be the same after GIORNO BAGNO.

Product –

GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps 6.35 oz (180 g)

Designed for –

The GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soap is for Everyone that loves to feel a rich lather, an involving bouquet, with a skin cleansed and refreshed. A reinvigorating daily bath experience.

Features –

Based on the Italian style;
100% paraben-free;
100% propylene glycol free;
Carefully hand-wrapped
Net Wt. 6.35oz (180g)

Fragrances –

The delicate fragrance notes are inspired by rose petals, flower leaves, citric fruity, aromatic herbs, sweet aroma, and spicy woody notes.

The lineup is designed in 8 different lovely fragrances: Orange Blossom&Vetiver, Roses, Lavender&Vanilla, Olive& Rosemary, Verbena&Sandalwood, Tulip&Cedar, Magnolia&Lychee, and Delicate.

At the moment we have available the fragrances Orange Blossom&Vetiver, Roses, Lavender&Vanilla.

Inspiration & Formula Care –

Based on the Italian style, each product has a touch of smoothness, long-lasting, and a pleasant scent for all skin types.

High-Quality Bar Soap with a Lovely & Delicate formula that that cares about the feminine and masculine.


Label Review FDA regulations, 21 CFR Part 701; -done

Consignment Method in our system –

For the Spring & Summertime, GIORNO BAGNO is introducing the Consignment Method in its system.

Now, the Supermarkets, Drugstores, Department Stores, Cosmetic Stores, and the Online Market can have in the 1st consigned order according to the quantities it deems necessary.

Each Display Box contains 18 units of Luxury Bar Soap per fragrance.

Feel free to order 1 box, or 10 boxes, or up to 100 boxes consigned to the 1st order.

Display Box –

Each fragrance comes in a Display Box with 18 units. – the photos are attached.

How to sell GIORNO BAGNO Luxury Bar Soaps to your customers?
Single unit;
Bundle of 3;
Bundle of 6;
Whole Display Box closed in the wholesale market.


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Brand –

GIORNO BAGNO belongs to Total Quimica Ltda Brazil, which has a gross annual revenue of over $200MM.

In North America, PrimewayUSA is a partner of Total Quimica in introducing the best-established brands of the Bath&Body line, Baby line, Men Cosmetic line, Home&Cleanising line, and also the Pet line to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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Next Launching Product-

* Giorno Bagno Luxury Bar Soap GIFT SETS

Features –

* 4 Luxury Bar Soap GIFT SETS available in the – 3rd QUARTER 2020”
* Each Gift Set contains 3 round bars, Net Wt. 3.53oz (100 g).
* The 3 round soaps are carefully wrapped by hand.
* All the bar soaps are extra-moisturizing, creamy, and long-lasting.

Models & Fragrances –

* Tuscany – Orange Blossom&Vetiver, Olive&Rosemary, and Verbena&Sandalwood Scents
* Roses – 3 Roses Scent
* Antique – Orris Flower&Fig, Ginger Flower, and Sandalwood&Benzoin Scents.
* Bella Vitta – Lavender&Vanilla, Roses, and Magnolia&Lychee Scents.

When to use –

*A lovely idea to give as a gift to yourself and your beloved ones.

Thank you one more time and it will be a pleasure to introduce GIORNO BAGNO line to your Company.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

(518) 318 3000 – speak with GIORNO BAGNO Team
Distributed by: Primeway USA LLC
Coral Springs – Florida

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(518) 318 3000 – speak with GIORNO BAGNO Team
Distributed by: Primeway USA LLC
Coral Springs – Florida